descriptionCumulus: Efficient filesystem backup through a simple storage interface
last changeWed, 10 Sep 2014 21:36:18 +0000 (14:36 -0700)
2014-09-10 Michael VrableAlways perform checksum comparison (for disk corruption... master
2014-09-10 Michael VrableDo not include object checksums in file contents listings.
2014-09-10 Michael VrableRework uri_encode/uri_decode to more cleanly work with...
2014-08-22 Michael VrableImprove parsing performance.
2014-02-18 Michael VrableImplement a new Python wrapper for the local database.
2014-02-05 Michael VrableUse posixpath to join remote storage paths.
2014-02-05 Michael VrableChange syntax for size-assertion slices. This is an...
2014-02-01 Michael VrableUpdate Python dependencies.
2014-02-01 Michael VrableUse the subprocess module, not os.popen2, for Python...
2014-02-01 Michael VrableUpdate tests to allow alternate Python versions (for...
2014-02-01 Michael VrableByte/string handling fixes for Python 3.
2014-02-01 Michael VrableStart a cleanup on the storage backends.
2014-02-01 Michael VrableManual 2to3 fixups.
2014-02-01 Michael VrableRun 2to3 over Python sources.
2014-01-28 Michael VrableUpdate backend code and cumulus-sync for the new backup...
2014-01-26 Michael VrableDelete a debugging message on hash algorithm registration.
5 years ago master