2018-11-24 Michael VrableReplace boost::scoped_ptr with std::unique_ptr. master
2018-11-24 Michael VrableFix C++ compilation warnings/errors under g++ 8.2.
2014-09-10 Michael VrableAlways perform checksum comparison (for disk corruption...
2014-09-10 Michael VrableDo not include object checksums in file contents listings.
2014-09-10 Michael VrableRework uri_encode/uri_decode to more cleanly work with...
2014-08-22 Michael VrableImprove parsing performance.
2014-02-18 Michael VrableImplement a new Python wrapper for the local database.
2014-02-05 Michael VrableUse posixpath to join remote storage paths.
2014-02-05 Michael VrableChange syntax for size-assertion slices. This is an...
2014-02-01 Michael VrableUpdate Python dependencies.
2014-02-01 Michael VrableUse the subprocess module, not os.popen2, for Python...
2014-02-01 Michael VrableUpdate tests to allow alternate Python versions (for...
2014-02-01 Michael VrableByte/string handling fixes for Python 3.
2014-02-01 Michael VrableStart a cleanup on the storage backends.
2014-02-01 Michael VrableManual 2to3 fixups.
2014-02-01 Michael VrableRun 2to3 over Python sources.
2014-01-28 Michael VrableUpdate backend code and cumulus-sync for the new backup...
2014-01-26 Michael VrableDelete a debugging message on hash algorithm registration.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableSegment expiration should affect metadata re-use too.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableBugfix for database checksum reconstruction with zero...
2014-01-26 Michael VrableSample code to reload the segment table into the local...
2014-01-26 Michael VrableInclude timestamps in reconstructed segment metadata.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableUse a scoped_ptr to avoid FileFilter leaks.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableFix output file size estimation.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableFix a linker error by linking against pthreads.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableUse scoped_ptr from boost.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableUse valgrind to check for memory leaks in the tests.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableEnsure metadata file is written prior to calculating...
2014-01-26 Michael VrableRework filter process code to make the interface simpler.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableImplement a string_printf utility function.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableClean up the file hashing interface and segment metadat...
2014-01-26 Michael VrableWrite out a generic segment metadata file with backups.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableFactor out time formatting functions.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableSwitch to generic hash algorithms for subfile incrementals.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableClean up database, and timestamp handling in particular.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableImprove database rebuilding.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableCleanup to used data tracking in localdb.
2014-01-26 Michael VrableAdd code to to recompute segment...
2014-01-22 Michael VrableDatabase rebuilder fixes.
2014-01-22 Michael Vrable.gitignore update
2014-01-22 Michael VrableConvert to sqlite3 module, from pysqlite2.
2014-01-22 Michael VrableReworking cleanup.
2014-01-22 Michael VrableDrop intent field from the database.
2014-01-22 Michael VrableUpdate Python code to work with the new backup format.
2014-01-22 Michael VrableChanges to the Cumulus backup format and tools.
2014-01-22 Michael VrableStart on a tool to rebuild the local database if it...
2014-01-22 Michael VrableStart work on tests for Cumulus.
2014-01-22 Michael VrableImprove tracking of segments and segment utilization.
2014-01-22 Michael VrableNEWS and TODO file updates.
2014-01-22 Michael VrableReword copyright notices on code in third_party for...
2013-01-12 Michael VrableUpdate copyright notices to use a central AUTHORS file.
2013-01-12 Michael VrableRework hash implementations to provide additional algor...
2013-01-12 Michael VrableAdd sha224/sha256 as supported hash algorithms.
2013-01-12 Michael VrableCreate a third_party directory for files copied from...
2013-01-12 Michael VrableCollected bugfixes, improvements, and cleanups.
2012-09-27 Michael VrableUpdate usage text for new include/exclude filtering...
2012-09-27 Michael VrableFirst step towards a new, improved cumulus front-end.
2012-09-25 Michael VrableRefactor cumulus-util into a library plus small command...
2012-09-25 Michael VrableSwitch to hashlib (Python >= 2.5) for hash algorithms.
2012-09-12 Michael VrableReimplement the file include/exclude filtering mechanism.
2012-06-16 Michael VrableAdd a cache around getpwuid/getgrgid to avoid repeated...
2012-05-31 Michael VrablePut linker flags at end of compiler command-line.
2012-05-30 Michael VrableUpdate to support new snapshot version in Python tools.
2012-05-30 Michael VrableSome updates to the backup format:
2012-05-30 Michael VrableRename to
2012-05-29 Michael VrablePrepare 0.10 release.
2011-06-23 Michael VrableEnable additional compiler warnings
2010-06-30 Michael VrableApply fixes to s3:// URL parsing under Python 2.6.
2010-04-01 Albert Denggadd some further documentation on the sftp backend
2010-04-01 Albert Denggfix usage of wrong variable
2010-03-30 Michael VrableFormatting/spelling fix.
2010-03-30 Michael VrableSome assorted fixes for the SFTP backend.
2010-03-30 Albert Denggcode cleanup & regression fix
2010-03-30 Albert Denggwork for python 2.5
2010-03-30 Albert Dengg* document requirements for sftp storage
2010-03-30 Albert Denggimplement a basic sftp storage backend
2009-09-30 Michael VrableHave FTP backend reconnect on timeout.
2009-09-26 Michael VrableThe map::at method does not always exist, so instead...
2009-09-26 Michael VrableEnsure printf format specifiers and types match (fixes...
2009-09-10 Ralf SchlatterbeckImplement FTP backend and other code cleanups.
2009-08-26 Michael VrableAdd a few items to the TODO list.
2009-08-08 Michael VrableFix a segfault-causing bug when converting a numeric...
2009-08-08 Michael VrableAdd --exclude-name option.
2009-07-28 Michael VrableUpdate for 0.9 release.
2009-07-20 Michael VrableUpdate README with information about remote storage.
2009-06-30 Michael VrableInclude a missing header file.
2009-05-31 Michael VrableImplement rudimentary garbage collection.
2009-05-31 Michael VrableImplement metadata caching for S3 backend.
2009-03-26 Michael Vrablelbs-filter-gpg has been renamed to cumulus-filter-gpg.
2009-01-14 Michael VrableInclude segment add/remove counts in list-snapshot...
2008-12-15 Michael VrableDetect decompression script needed for segments based...
2008-12-15 Michael Vrablecumulus-sync: Create a tool for copying snapshots betwe...
2008-11-20 Michael VrableDrop the use of exceptions for fatal error handling.
2008-11-20 Michael VrableImprove handling of file-not-found in remote storage...
2008-11-20 Michael VrableDelete contrib/cumulus-store-s3.
2008-11-20 Michael VrableRe-do cumulus side of upload script interface.
2008-11-20 Michael VrableIntroduce a script to provide access to remote reposito...
2008-11-13 Michael VrableMakefile: Fix clean target.
2008-11-06 Michael Vrablecumulus-util: Automatically set Python search path.
2008-11-06 Michael Vrablecumulus-util: In list-snapshot-sizes output, display...