2015-10-29 Michael VrableAdd proper per-file copyright notices/licenses and... master
2015-10-28 Michael VrableDelete old libs3 sources.
2015-10-28 Michael VrableFix BlueSky build on modern Linux and libs3.
2015-10-28 Michael VrableUpdate kvstore sources for current protobuf compiler...
2015-10-28 Michael VrableImport latest libs3 as a git submodule.
2012-03-01 Michael Vrablegnuplot settings for presentation versions of figures
2012-01-22 Michael VrableUpdate figure with new data and fix legend placement
2012-01-22 Michael VrableMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://niniel.sysnet.ucsd...
2012-01-22 Michael VrableUpdated bandwidth-constrained SPECsfs experiments
2012-01-22 Michael VrableMove legend in a figure to make it more readable
2012-01-22 Michael VrableMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://niniel.sysnet.ucsd...
2012-01-22 Michael VrableDocument a few more benchmark runs
2012-01-21 Michael VrableTraffic limiter configuration for downlink direction
2012-01-17 Michael VrableUpdate figures to include 100 Mbps results.
2012-01-16 Michael VrableAdd x-axis labels to the cleaner experiment plot
2012-01-10 Michael VrableAdd results with 100 Mbps network bandwidth
2012-01-10 Michael VrableTry out a fix for timeouts with limited bandwidth to...
2012-01-10 Michael VrableMore SPECsfs runs, this time with limited bandwidth.
2011-09-26 Michael VrableMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://niniel.sysnet.ucsd...
2011-09-26 Michael VrableUpdate cleaner experiment plot
2011-09-26 Michael VrableMerge ssh://
2011-09-26 Michael VrableAdd a couple of new microbenchmarks
2011-09-26 Michael VrableCleaner experiment results
2011-09-26 Michael VrableHave cleaner wait on proxy when needed
2011-09-26 Michael VrableCleaner updates
2011-09-25 Michael VrableNew benchmarks results: writes with 10 Mbps-constrained...
2011-09-19 Michael VrableMake cleaner cache persistent across runs
2011-09-19 Michael VrableUpdated kernel compile benchmark results
2011-05-19 Michael VrableEmbed fonts in generated plots
2011-05-18 Michael VrableUpdating synthetic read plot with newer data
2011-05-18 Michael VrableUpdated synread benchmarks
2011-05-17 Michael VrableCommit update benchmark results
2011-05-09 Michael VrableMore SPECsfs results
2011-04-30 Michael VrableOld SPECsfs runs
2011-04-10 Michael VrableAdd in some new SPECsfs runs
2011-04-10 Michael VrableRun more benchmarks
2011-04-05 Michael VrableUpdated synthetic write benchmark runs
2011-04-05 Michael VrableScripts and results for a few more benchmark runs
2011-04-05 Michael VrableUpdate SPECsfs results for Azure
2011-04-05 Michael VrableAdd an updated Azure run
2011-04-05 Michael VrableMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://niniel.sysnet.ucsd...
2011-04-05 Michael VrableCheck in miscellaneous updates
2011-03-31 Michael VrableFix a flipped comparison in the memory pressure calculation
2011-03-18 Michael VrableTool to measure 32kb read latencies via the kernel
2011-03-18 Michael VrableResults updates
2011-03-18 Michael VrableAdd four-way latency comparison (NFS and CIFS)
2011-03-18 Michael VrableTurn down debugging.
2011-03-18 Michael VrableYet another cleaner bugfix.
2011-03-18 Michael VrablePrepare for another run of the synthetic read benchmark
2011-03-18 Michael VrableFix another cleaner bug
2011-03-18 Michael VrableCleaner fix part 1
2011-03-18 Michael VrableBug fix in the in-proxy cleaner component
2011-03-18 Michael VrableCheck in the synthetic write benchmark results
2011-03-18 Michael VrableDump some statistics when the cleaner runs
2011-03-18 Michael VrableScript for randomly writing files to generate work...
2011-03-17 Michael VrableRe-run synthetic writes with different parameter values
2011-03-17 Michael VrableMore bench fixes
2011-03-17 Michael VrableBenchmark fix--mount the file system to write to it
2011-03-17 Michael VrableMore benchmark fixes
2011-03-17 Michael VrableInclude elapsed time in write benchmark
2011-03-17 Michael VrableSynwrite benchmark setup
2011-03-17 Michael VrableSet up synthetic write benchmark.
2011-03-17 Michael VrableCIFS results
2011-03-17 Michael VrableUpdates to synthetic read data processing script
2011-03-17 Michael VrableAdd write throttling based on the size of the uncommitt...
2011-03-17 Michael VrableMerge git+ssh://
2011-03-17 Michael VrableUpdate write benchmark
2011-03-17 Michael VrableCreate a simple tool for measuring latencies of write...
2011-03-17 Michael VrableAdd figures for synthetic read benchmark
2011-03-17 Michael VrableAdd notes on using a traffic limiter for benchmarks
2011-03-17 Michael VrableCheck in and clean up repository
2011-03-17 Michael VrablePrepare to fill in more synthetic read data points
2011-03-17 Michael VrablePrepare for re-run of synthetic test with more clients
2011-03-16 Michael VrableError message fix
2011-03-16 Michael VrableFix cache sizes for run
2011-03-16 Michael VrablePrepare for first real synthetic read benchmark
2011-03-16 Michael Vrablesynread script updates
2011-03-16 Michael VrableTry to improve parallelism of synreadbench warmup phase
2011-03-16 Michael VrableBenchmark setup
2011-03-16 Michael VrableReport average latency in synbench
2011-03-16 Michael VrableMore benchmark setup
2011-03-16 Michael VrableSetup for the synthetic read benchmark
2011-03-16 Michael VrableAdd a mode for warming up the proxy cache before a...
2011-03-16 Michael VrableMore work on the synthetic read benchmark
2011-03-16 Michael VrableWork on the synthetic read benchmark
2011-03-16 Michael VrableInclude no read aggregation data in graph
2011-03-16 Michael VrableMore SPECsfs runs
2011-03-16 Michael VrableWork on a tool for a synthetic read benchmark
2011-03-16 Michael VrableAdd an option to disable aggregating reads in the proxy
2011-03-16 Michael VrableMinor changes to graphs and benchmark control scripts
2011-03-16 Michael VrableExtract wall clock timestamp of each run when parsing...
2011-03-15 Michael VrableBenchmark results using more concurrent requests and...
2011-03-15 Michael VrableSPECsfs results from repeating the Azure measurements
2011-03-15 Michael VrableAdd an option to disable cryptographic operations
2011-03-15 Michael VrableSpeed up the deletion of all files in an Azure container
2011-03-15 Michael VrableNFS trace replay results
2011-03-14 Michael VrableMerge git+ssh://
2011-03-14 Michael VrableRevert "Enable real-time trace replay instead of maximu...
2011-03-14 Michael VrableCheck in new benchmark results
2011-03-14 Michael VrablePlot updates